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Gates of Heaven

Gates of Heaven

This here blog ain’t for children. If your sensibilities are easily offended please do us both a favor and go elsewhere. If you enter anyway… please check the “What?” page for an even more insulting non-explanation.

World Cup, Competition and Ego

It’s 2 a.m. in India and I’m sitting at Curlie’s watching World Cup and messing with my tablet. As I watch the biggest sporting event in the world I find myself having strange thoughts that I’m sure are insights into my “nature,” but don’t really know what it means.

Don’t really care who wins. For me it’s just time pass. Early watched the Germany vs. USA match. Before arriving I joke on Facebook that I’d be rooting for Germany since I was born an American Jew I feel guilty about the guilt young Germans feel about crimes committed before they were born. Moreover, I often feel that perhaps America’s defeat at sporting events might humble our huge “we are the best” egos and perhaps stop us from invading yet another country and killing innocent people. Of course it could have the opposite affect and send us to war against whoever whips us in the round of 16.

Why Go to School?

Why Go to School

Why Go to School

Liars, Idiots or Both?

Architects of Iraq

Architects of Iraq

Let’s see what kind of discussion this brings:

Nationalism and Egoism

Something thought provoking I found on Facebook:

Advancing Interests

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Anjuna, Goa, India – June 20, 2014

Today I had an interesting experience that I found enlightening both personally and as an insight into political thought…or the lack thereof. I was sitting outside at roadside baji shop…a shack on the side of the road that sells inexpensive little dishes and delicious fried snacks. I was eating my channa masala, wada and samosa when I heard that the TV inside playing the “news” in English. I was only half listening when all of a sudden I heard Barack Obama’s voice and for some reason I realized that my attention was not only directed, but it felt like the words were being burned into my brain. Though I cannot guarantee it is an exact quote here is what he said:

“All the Iraqi’s must have confidence that they can advance their interests through the political process and not violence.”

The politically enlightening part of this was the realization that the same idea could be applied to the American people…and that along with the Iraqi’s the vast majority of those in the US are being screwed by the “political process.” On a personal level I was surprised by how my brain seemed to be working while just listening to the audio and not distracted by the images on the television.

First, let’s jump into the implications of this statement for Americans. Do we truly believe that the “political process” is helpful in advancing our interests? In 2012 voter turn out was reported as 57.5% which means that 42.5% (approximately 90 million voting age citizens) chose not to participate in the electoral process…myself included. You can rap me on the knuckles for not lining up to decide between the lesser of two evils, but that’s what this is all about. Why aren’t we voting? The funny thing is that in 2011 I was approached by a small group of people in Las Vegas and asked to be an independent candidate for congress. I considered it and even started the “exploratory” process, but then decided that the dominance of “party” politics and the corrupt machine of money and lobbyists behind it would make my effort a sideshow of little use.

So Obama won the election with about 66 million votes meaning less than a third of the population cared enough to vote for him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m neither a Republican, nor a Obama hater. When he was first elected I was pleased that America…a country that I find more racist than most want to admit…elected a non-Caucasian president. Even if he had been bought and paid for by the same corporate interests that had Mitt Romney in their pocket at least it was a step in the right direction in terms of advancing civil rights, suggesting equality and giving minorities, abused over centuries, a little more confidence that they can fight the system and succeed. As a side-note I believe electing an “African-American” president has also helped by bringing many racists out of the closet and making the issue more visible where it might be addressed honestly and possibly changed.

Though Bush, Jr. was often comic relief with his moronic comments I was embarrassed that a country with some of the finest minds on the planet couldn’t find a leader with an IQ worthy of the office. I appreciated Obama because having an intelligent president was less embarrassing and more engaging. Still, I don’t feel the man has my interests in mind. Though I’m an ex-patriot living on the other side of the world I feel an affinity with American 98%. I understand their pain and confusion being caught in the web of a system that doesn’t really represent them.

This is a long and complicated discussion and honestly I’m already exhausted. Not sure if it is my own lethargy or the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness looking at a corrupt system that so many believe to be capable of saving the world. If we Americans have doubts that politicians are truly interested in our hopes and desires how can we believe we can save the unfortunate Iraqis. Plato and Aristotle debated whether a republic should be run by the people or a philosopher king. We have stopped the debate and chosen a system that worried them because those drawn to the political arena are simply the wrong type of people. With that in mind my heart goes out to people around the world and especially in Iraq where many lives are in danger. I wish I knew a solution, but my views are so distant from the current reality that they seem like science fiction fantasies.

As for the television in the background, I was pleased it reminded me of an important lesson. Listen. Listen carefully. There may be wisdom applicable in unexpected places coming at you in unexpected ways.

Word is not the Thing

A friend has loaned me the book “Quantum Psychology” by Robert Anton Wilson. Bright dude with some interesting scientific insights that reflect back on how the world might really work. The first part of the book is mostly about how “words” and the “things” they represent are not the same thing. This reminded me of a few short songs and decided to share them here.

Here’s “Clock” the first line gives you the basic idea: “The letters C-L-O-C-K won’t help you tell the time of day…”

Next is “Words” about how we use words that are often different, but we’re all the same:

Finally for some great Zen confusion about how nothing is what it seems we have “White is Black”:

Thanks to Darius Babylon!

Beginning Again…

Socrates and Me

Socrates Today

A loooong time ago… Back in my mid-twenties…I embarked on what was to be an ambitious two year mission resulting in a few minutes flame of burning papers on the street in front of the house where I spent most of my youth. I wanted to write a utopian novel that would define a new philosophy, encompassing the political, economic, sociological and even spiritual realms. Over a year and
a half traveling Europe bookended by months in the US I delved into every aspect of human life disguising it as “The Document” an interstellar missive from Earth’s utopian parallel planet. Near what would become the end of that particular side road of my life I discovered the parallels of Eastern philosophy to the ideas my utopian vision. Late one night while preparing to move to Thailand to explore the ideas of the East I carried all my belongings into the front yard of my mother’s house and burned everything I couldn’t give away, including the manuscript and notes for my novel.

Surprisingly, over the years my only regrets of that lonely bonfire were photos and letters that might have reminded me of the past. The ideas, thoughts, research, notes, etc. which made up my utopia were either still with me or transformed by the intervening years and experiences. This thought is particularly important and perhaps poignant at this particular moment when, almost three decades later, I have again decided on beginning the journey of expressing a philosophical vision that encompasses my lifetime of experience, ideas and musings. This is particularly important to me since much if what I believe to be important is hidden behind historical misadventures or the hijacking of philosophy for other purposes.

Perhaps I am just as naive and unprepared for the task at hand as when I was as a young man with significantly more energy, but I hope that what I lack in physical prowess will be more than compensated for by the experience that has worn my aging body down. It may be a task never completed or once again thrown to fateless flames, but I start down this uncertain path with tremendous excitement.

Since much of this journey is going to be scribbling out thoughts to see where they go, how they collide and whether the breed fruitful progeny or disastrous monsters…I’m thinking to do much of that process here on GoaGreg. At first it may be a lonely journey, unheard, a silent scream in empty space, but there may come a time when others, interested in what seems to me to be a noble task, will wander by to add and assist with comments, ideas, suggestions, etc. So this is the beginning of what I hope will be a wonderful adventure leading to an enlightening future.

What to Write/Right?

When I started this blog I setup a schedule with the idea that it would keep me going with at least five posts a week. Oops…life sometimes get busy and there are times when one wonders if we are screaming in the vacuum of space, unheard, and therefore useless. The other problem is that I sometimes wonder if ranting is any use at all. The world seems bent on destroying itself and I just don’t feel that one person huffing and puffing will blow any walls down.

The other thing is that I’m working on some ideas to promote the blog to increase readership and I’m in a waiting mode. As the season in Goa winds down and the energy vibration slows to more easy going pace…I hope to get back to my GoaGreg mindset.

If you see this please leave a comment about what you think. Does a rant have meaning?

“Deadly Desire” – A Screenplay

Here’s the opening scene from “Deadly Desire” a twice optioned, but still unproduced feature script that I wrote years ago with my good friend Beth Rigazio.




The glass sits half full on an end table. O.S. there is a wicked, woman’s LAUGH. A perfectly manicured and polished finger enters the glass and swirls the liquid.


The finger from the glass to puckered red lips, which part and suck on the finger.


We see the laughing woman’s face. CLAUDIA. She’s very beautiful, in her mid twenties and looks like a cat that has just caught a mouse.


She is stretched out on an easy chair. Her husband, JAKE, is sitting on the floor next to her. He is in his fifties, the sort of non descript fellow that one passes on the street everyday without noticing, but at the moment there is something strangely intense about how he is looking at his wife.

Dear, you are a never was and a never will be, ’cause you don’t have what it takes to do WHATEVER it takes.

She snorts at him. Leans over and picks up the glass. He watches her every move. She sneers at him and then downs the drink. He smiles slightly.

You enjoy your drink, sweetheart?

You spineless dreamer. You’ll never make a film. I can’t remember why I ever married you.

He laughs.

So you think that’s funny, do you?

No dear, I was laughing at your drink.

And what of it?

The poison’s untraceable. No taste, no scent, no residue.

You’ve seen one too many movies.

Oh, it was expensive, but you were worth it, love. Besides, it’s all your money. Or should I say, it was.

She coughs and then starts choking. She struggles to breathe. Her body spasms. Her arms are flaying, sending the glass flying, knocking over the table. All the while her husband stands calmly watching her. Her body goes limp.

      JAKE (CONT’D)
Good bye, my love, and thanks for financing my film. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

He turns and walks out of the room.


We come in on the perfectly still, closed eyes. O.S. there’s the SOUND of a door closing. The eyes slowly open.

      BERT (O.S.)
Cut, cut, cut!


The living room is a movie set in a large warehouse. The camera is pointing at CLAUDIA CASTLE, the actress playing the wife. Claudia has been cast for many reasons, but none better than how closely she resembles the character. BERTRAN “BERT” DANNER, the director, jumps up from his chair and rushes at Claudia. Bert is an older man whose face and eyes show a great deal of experience.

Damn it, Claudia, we’re pulling in close on your face. You’re supposed to be dead.


   (to crew.)
Set it up. We’re doing it again.

Claudia stomps off.


Bert watches Claudia leave, shaking his head.

   (to Assistant Director)
Never mind, call lunch.



A few weeks ago a friend came over with a hard drive and gave me a folder full of documentaries. While recovering from decadent partying I started poking through the films. I watched “John Lennon vs. the United States,” “Inside Job,” and then had a surprising/shocking time watching “Propaganda.” From the beginning the big question for me was “is this really a film made by the North Koreans?” As I watched it the question kept coming back to me because I really wanted it to be something done in the “west.” For me that would give the film more validity to many and that’s important because in my opinion it is a work that speaks incredible and important truths. Here’s the film in its entirety on YouTube:

Hope you watched at least a little before I give you the spoiler…it’s made by Slavko Martinov and Mike Kelland in New Zealand. Great job guys. Here’s the link to their website. Also came across an excellent article/interview about it. Click here to read it on IndieWire.

It’s time to free our minds. This may help. I sure hope so.